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Pasmo and suica are accepted on the tokyo metro, as well as on railway stations operated by other companies. for more information about day passes available in tokyo, check our tokyo orientation page. tokyo metro resources. toei train operates through the other four lines. there are also other several tokyo metro lines that provide services to railway lines at their final station. use the listing information on tokyo tourist spots below and the travel map above to help plan your route and make the best use of your time in tokyo! for children, it costs 90 yen.

riders can also buy tickets in a pack called coupon tickets. transfers between tokyo metro subway lines and toei subway lines are usually not free, but a discount is given when using the pasmo or suica cards to transfer between lines. the book is made up of a series of interviews with individuals who were affected by the attacks, and the english. the number of stations are vast and clean/ stocked full of shops and stands. luke’ s international hospital in tokyo, japan, after sarin gas release mode of arrival number of cases ( 8) on foot.

g line 3- line 3 is marked g, and it is named as ginza line. for a distance of 12- 19 km, the price is 240 yen for adult and 120 yen for a child. title: major railway and subway route map: metropolitan area author: east japan railway company created date: 9: 47: 40 am. tokyo subway navigation for tourists is a free application officially provided by tokyo metro to enable users to search transfer information for the tokyo subway network ( tokyo metro and toei subway). the system began operations in 1927 as tokyo underground railway.

tokyo metro lines can be recognized by their color and marks. tokyo metro line g ginza line orange line toranomon motomachi- chukagai den- en- chofu ookayama thru to hiyoshi tokyo ikegami line nishi- magome magome keihin- tohoku line thru to misakiguchi onarimon 06 daimon 09 20 tokyu meguro line a asakusa line rose mita line s shinjuku line oedo line o o junctions jr yamanote line jr line private railways. for a distance of 20- 27 km, an adult ticket costs 280 yen, while a child ticket is for 140 yen. major railway and subway route map: metropolitan area. tokyo metro, which is formerly known as eden has two subway operators, and there are nine tokyo metro lines that provide access to tokyo’ s city center and other major places.

where is the subway in japanese? it presently has 9 lines serving 179 stations, and a total track length of 195. tokyo monorail d- 5 toyoko line a- 4 yurikamome e- 5 okyo pocket guide last subway train is around 11: 20 last jr train is about 12mid tokyo pocket guide check schedule to avoid taxi fare! created date: 10: 03: 44 am. an average almost 7. official website of tokyo metro. 614 sarin attack okumura et al. the price is equivalent to the price of 10 regular tickets.

tokyo metro line kachidoki roppongi- itchome n 05 roppongi jiyugaoka naka- meguro 01 hibiya line tokyu meguro line 03 hiro- o 02 shirokanedaishirokane- takanawa sengakujikamiyacho onarimon 1 motomachi- chukagai shimbashi shiodome yurikamome rinkai line azabu- juban akabanebashi 06 thru to hiyoshi asakusa line mita line. the tokyo metro 1000 series ( 東京メトロ1000系, tōkyō metoro 1000- kei) is an electric multiple unit ( emu) train type operated by the tokyo subway operator tokyo metro in japan on the tokyo metro ginza line since april. click green tab on right for a printable tourist map of tokyo ( pdf)! the metro train runs through the route ogikubo, and ikebukuro serves 24 stations.

the line is denoted by m and the length of this line is 3. regular tickets can be obtained from the vending machines at the stations. a how- to guide for the tokyo subway pass that saves you tokyo subway english pdf money and time. the tokyo metro subway system is an example of a highly technologically developed and extremely well thought out/ planned public transportation system within a city. the amazing tokyo metro system caters for the highest ridership in the world ( 3.

the metro system offers free wi- fi at all metro stations. the tokyo subway is one of the busiest subway networks in the world, with more than 3 billion passengers travelling on its lines each year, far behind the beijing subway though. recommended value ticket for tokyo sightseeing. subway by definition in tokyo consists of the 12 lines operated by toei subway and tokyo metro ( two different companies). the metro services start around 5: 00 am and run until 12: 30 am. tokyo metro fares range from 170 to 320 yen depending on how far you travel.

there are 13 different lines which serve 285 stations in total. h line 2 – line 2 is ma. you can also download the pdf of tokyo metro map. [ pdf/ 732kb] special ticket information for riding jr east. there is free parking space available near each tokyo metro station.

in addition to the " subway" there are surface " jr" ( japan railway) lines, this includes the famous " yamanote line" " loop line". 85 million average daily rides. as per, statistics, the metro had a daily ridership of 6, 307, 390 passengers per weekday. tokyo subway attack of 1995, coordinated terrorist attack in tokyo on ma, in which the nerve gas sarin was released in the city’ s subway system. tōkyō kōsoku tetsudō kabushiki gaisha) opened its subway system between aoyama 6- chome ( present- day omotesando) and toranomon. underground: the tokyo gas attack and the japanese psyche ( アンダーグラウンド, andāguraundo, 1997– 1998) is a book by japanese novelist haruki murakami about the 1995 aum shinrikyo sarin gas attack on the tokyo subway. in- depth chapters cover all of tokyo' s wards and suggest excursions to surrounding regions; fashionistas should head for stylish harajuku, night owls can make a beeline for bustling roppongi, history and architecture buffs will adore the old tokyo of asakusa, whilst those seeking fresh air and gorgeous scenery will want to explore mount fuji. tokyo subway sarin awack, part 1 table 1. the metro train runs through the route between shibuya and asakusa.

click on the map to enlarge it. see full list on metroeasy. this application is available in english, chinese ( simplified and traditional), korean, thai and japanese. the tokyo metro ( 東京メトロ, tōkyō metoro) is a major rapid transit system in tokyo, japan. usually station signs have both japanese and english, and the station name is announced before arrival.

the only item you need to understand is that transportation in tokyo is not just by " subway". tokyo subway has 13 metro lines ( tokyo metro 9 and toei 4) as well as numerous overground options. 1939: tokyo rapid transit railway extended its line from toranomon to shimbashi, and started an reciprocal operation with tokyo underground railway. what is a tokyo subway? speaking just english is often not.

map showing various stations and lines of the tokyo metro system in japan. the system is operated by tokyo metro co. 84 million passengers, while the other system, the toei subway, had 2. for a distance of 1- 6 km, the ticket costs 170 yen. a tokyo pdf tokyo subway english pdf guidebook.

the tokyo combination ticket ( 1590 yen adult) gives you unlimited rides on the tokyo metro, toei subway, toei streetcar ( toden), toei bus ( except buses with allocated seats), all sections of nippori- toneri liner as well as all jr lines within the tokyo metropolitan area for one day. the tickets can be used on monday- friday 10 am t. the marunouchi line branch line also runs through another route from nakano- sakaue to honancho serving 4 stations. tokyo metro began operation in 1927 and toei subway did the same in 1960.

teito kōsokudo kōtsu eidan) by the local government. the length of this route is 24. despite the sheer amount of people using the tokyo subway system, it remains one of the most efficient ( and clean! note 11) the tax due dates in the table above are those for the 23 special wards of tokyo. daikanyama aoyama train lines subway lines jr yamanote line ( green) shinjuku to shibuya - 7 min shibuya to tokyo station - 24 min tokyo station to ueno - 8 min. if confused about the cost, buy the lowest price ticket and present your ticket to the gate keeper when exiting; if the amount is more, he will show you the. tokyo mnorail joban line [ local train] chiyoda subway line through service chuo line- tozai subway line through service tokaido line yokosuka line sobu line [ rapid sevice] joban line [ rapid service] takasaki line shonan- shinjuku line yokohama line negishi line musashino line keiyo line keiyo line narita line numbuline tohoku. the tokyo metro provides ‘ women only’ cars during the morning rush hours, from the start of service to around 9.

the tokyo subway ( 東京の地下鉄 tōkyō no chikatetsu) is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of tokyo metro and toei subway in the greater tokyo area of japan. for a distance of 28- 40 km, the ticket costs 310 yen for an adult and 160 yen for a child. so for a distance of 1- 6 km, a coupon ticket for adult costs 1700 yen and for child, it costs 900 yen and so on. is pasmo free in tokyo?

tokyo has one of the world' s most convenient and efficient train and subway systems. line 3 has a length of 14. tokyo subway and train map for tourists in english • tokyo pocket tokyo subway english pdf guide akasaka c- 3 akasaka- mitsuke c- 3 akebonobashi b- 2 akihabara e- 3 aoyama stn b- 4 aoyama ichome b- 3 ariake station f- 5 asakusa f- 1 awajicho stn e- 3 azabu- juban c- 4. the tokyo metro is a rapid transit system that serves the capital city of japan, tokyo. m line 4 – line 4 is marked as m and the name of the line is marunouchi line. download our tokyo area pdf maps, which include a tokyo metro map and a tokyo metropolitan map, and navigate around the japanese capital like a local. while the subway system itself is largely within the city center, the lines extend far out via extensive through services onto suburban railway lines. the tokyo subway english pdf largest operator of subway train lines, tokyo metro provides 9 trains lines covering 195 km of track between 179 stations! 0 km suburban railway line in japan which runs from ikebukuro station in toshima, tokyo to yorii station in yorii, saitama, operated by the private railway operator tobu railway. there are off- peak coupon tickets that are sold in packs of 12 and have adult fares.

map of tokyo - english- written or recommended maps for foreigners when a foreign expat visits japan to stay in tokyo for a long term, he or she will try to grasp characteristics of each area in tokyo at first considering the transportation access for commuting or children’ s school, and then will decide where to live. for a distance of 7- 11 km, the price for adult is 200 yen and for child is 100 yen. this is effectively a tokyo tourist pass, as a foreign passport is required to purchase it. what is the history of tokyo kabushiki? ( note 12) the automobile acquisition tax will be discontinued from octo ( r1), and the motor vehicle tax ( environmental excite) and the light motor vehicle tax ( environmental excite) will be introduced. the attack was carried out by members of the new religious movement aum shinrikyo ( since called aleph) and killed 13 people and injured more than 5, 000. the tokyo subway is made of 2 different rapid transit networks, the tokyo metro and toei subway. city and subway maps. the stations also have slopes, guide blocks for visually impaired people and also have braille information boards. 6 million passenger a day ride its network – it’ s a key way to get around the city from the north- western suburbs to eastern neighborhoods across the sumida river.

haneda airport access guide supports comfortable journeys for travelers from tokyo international airport ( haneda airport) to central tokyo and yokohama. network consists of 16 lines and 223 stations when both operators, tokyo monorail and rinkai line are combined. metro gov bldg a- 2 natl museum e- 2 odaiba e- 5 oedo onsen e- 5 sengakuji temple c- 5 sensoji temple f- 1 shibuya crossing a- 4 shinjuku park b- 2 sky tree f- 1 takeshita dori a- 3 tokyo dome d- 2 tokyo tower c- 4 ueno zoo e- 2 yakult stadium b- 3 yoyogi park a- 3 zozoji temple c- 4 tourist spots tokyo subway map and train stations. other rapid transit operator in tokyo is the toei subway. smoking is prohibited in the stations at all times. tokyo metro on wikipedia 2. 1% ) car ( passing good samaritans) car ( tokyo metro fire department.

the display information at stations, and train announcements are both in english and japanese. 1 billion riders a year). official tokyo subway route map ( english) from the bureau of transportation, tokyo metropolitan government. tokyo' s top tokyo subway english pdf sightseeing attractions are all about the city and most are just a short walk from a subway or train station. ordinary coupon tickets are sold in packs of 11, and can be used any time of the day. there is a 24, 48, and 72- hour pass, which covers the tokyo metro and toei subway lines that cover over 200 stations throughout the city. patient transport to st. in this video, i show you everything you need to know in order to use the tokyo metro system effectively. please use convenient keikyu trains and buses for your business and sightseeing travels. pdf: 1, 416kb) tokyo metro. first, let me a few things about the tokyo subway map: it is the world' s third most complex subway guide.

the prices are distance based. title: jr east railway major route: metropolitan area author: east japan railway company created date: 4: 03: 18 pm. it can be complex and intimidating if it' s your fir. ) in the whole world. 3km and the route covers 19 stations. the tokyo subway ( 東京の地下鉄, tōkyō no chikatetsu) is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of tokyo metro and the toei subway in the greater tokyo area of japan.

while it is not the only rapid transit system operating in tokyo, it has the higher ridership among the two subway operators: in, the tokyo metro had an average daily ridership of 6. the frequency of the trains is 3 minutes during peak hours and around 10 minutes, during off peak hours. the tokyo subway ( 東京の地下鉄, tōkyō no chikatetsu) is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of tokyo metro and toei subway in the greater tokyo area of japan. we have put a handy list of phrases for your daily use in your tokyo trip! , which was formed jointly by ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism ( mlit) and tokyo metropolitan government. the tokyo metro is a rapid transit system in tokyo, japan. a one day pass for unlimited use of tokyo metro on one calendar day is tokyo subway english pdf available for 600 yen. at some metro station, riders will be required to pay parking fees to get a convenient place to park your vehicle.

the tobu tojo line ( 東武東上線, tōbu tōjō- sen) is a 75.

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