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One of the main talking points of the gbox pro is its ability to run high- quality graphics, both for movies and games. the gbox is chuwi’ s chuwi gbox pdf latest budget windows 10 mini pc. see transformer in gbox pro. video and audio ouputs: hdmi 2. but i’ ve covered this in the full chuwi gbox.

there might be a bit of a hiccup at the start but it all works out fine if you give it a few seconds. opening up the mini pc and upgrading the storage is pretty easy too and we will look into that later in this review. it can also run other light games such as dota 2 if you tweak the settings. chuwi gbox mini connectivity: talking about the connectivity options, you get a couple of standard options like. intel hades canyon nuc8i7hvk chuwi gbox cwi560 lenovo thinkcentre m90n- 1 nano zotac zbox mi643 intel nuc8i3cysm. it is the single best reason why the gbox pro.

the chuwi gbox mini pc is available on gearbest at $ 219. the chuwi support homepage is your starting point for help with chuwi hardware and software products, featuring user forums, ticket, asked questions and live chat. manjaro xfce on gbox pro experiencing linux on chuwi gbox pro. gaming performance is not all that great but what can you expect from a pc that is so small. chuwi gbox mini pc features intel latest gemini lake 64 bit 4 cores 4 threads cpu, delivering great performance while using less energy. in the lower part we have a cover that hides the sata 3 bay, inside the plate we have a large aluminum heatsink ( simplified from the initial concept) and a slot for m. the chuwi gbox comes with full support of 5g wi- fi. dual- band wifi supports 2. this model is totally passive and does not emit noise. product description.

audio playback test. you can check out the specifications of the chuwi gbox pro below: the 4 gb of ram might seems limiting but it is ideal for a mini pc and if you are only doing light daily tasks such as browsing the web, watching videos or movie and word processing then it is more than enough. 44 ghz, according to windows 10 os. 5 mm 550 g 117 mm 112 mm 36 mm 493 g 62 mm 62 mm 42 mm 130 g 61 mm 61 mm 43 mm 129 g.

64gb and remote controller feature this new modelm which can beat most similar models of mini pcs in the market. the gbox professional is a fanless laptop, so it is determined by its particular design to maintain it cool. devices: hdmi with intel hd audio up to 7. chuwi gbox professional on my desk.

we can access the bios by pressing esc, it has a classic bios ami with very few options and nothing to overclock. written review: com/ / 07/ chuwi- gbox- revie. 1 pass through, is curious because the default hardware only supports stereo and does not have licenses for dd or dts formats. it has a remote controller also.

as we have seen the mini pc chuwi gbox mini pc is a passive mini pc with good overall performance. il gbox è l' ultimo mini pc windows 10 di chuwi. unibody stamping, micro- level cnc cutting, aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation treatment, stereoscopic visual design, fine lines, all is for creating a strong mechanical texture of gbox pro; 7. the price of this product is very low and the specifications are absolutely not high. and loaded with 4gb ddr4 ram ( faster than ddr3.

gta v / overwath / fortnite, low settings, 720p reso. we perform our performance test in games on the chuwi gbox mini pc, the results are in line with this type of product of this type, the intel hd graphics chuwi gbox pdf gpu 600 is perfectly valid for simple games such as we can find in android phones by downloading them from the microsoft store. you also have a power indicator that shows you that the system is turned on. it is a quad- core unit with four threads clocked in at 1.

a place for chuwi fans to communicate their experiences with chuwi products. today we are in stores the new mini pc chuwi gbox pro a low consumption device that is a version of the chuwi gbox that we saw recently in one of our review. this new chuwi gbox mini pc is powered by the latest intel gemini lake nbit 4- core 4- core cpu, [. as we can see the correct performance for this type of hardware but as you can see in 3d performance are limited, it is a hardware for desktop, multimedia, navigation and office apps. 2 diskcards, the rest of the components are soldered.

we are here to help! see more results. intel 9th hd graphics comes with 12 execution units clock up to 700mhz. 0 up to without hdr / vga 2. bluetooth: works correctly and connects wit. you also have a memory card ready which is an interesting addition. 0, 4k faster running speed: chuwi gbox mini pc equips with 64- bit windows 10 intel gemini- lake n4100 quad- core processor. chuwi introduces gbox and you can be the designer! chuwi gbox pro offers big possibilities for small spaces by jack wallen in hardware on aug, 7: 50 am pst the latest small form factor pc from chuwi won' t break records, but it also won.

we connect to the power source the chuwi gbox mini pc and press the power button on the box or remote control, as indicated by the specifications we have windows 10 home 64bit properly activated, check the list of devices and note that all have their drivers installed correctly. this isn’ t even advertised by chuwi maybe as they don’ t want us opening it up? 4g/ 5g frequency band, operating on the newer leee802. 2 22 slot for an ssd. the mini pc chuwi gbox mini pcis a fanlesscomputer that has a machized aluminum side profile and plastic caps, on the front we have usb connectors, power button and status led, on the back we have the other connectors. the top is made of plastic and there are vents all around the device which should help with the airflow. storage, ram and ports. 5 inch hdd, 1tb ssd with 2. the mini pc has a passively cooled design. configuration tutorial: playback 4k videos with hevc and vp9 seamlessly on android and windows 3. bios: no remote power on options, only secure boot, no legacy mode 2.

support, bios and other os. it is necessary to emphasize of this model his design, the mechanized metallic perimeter and the system of dissipation that behaves well. 6ghz that includes an intel hd graphics 505 gpu with 18ue. the ram memory is 4 gb chuwi gbox pdf lpddr3, includes 64gb of emmc storage memory and an extra slot to install a sata3 storage unit. ah, the factory is also chuwi. dimitris economou -. wifi speed results: correct speeds for this network adapters. measuring temperature 2. it does not support hyper- threading which is a bummer. also indie titles in 2d or current games with light 3d load like lol, the emulatorsare also feasible but at the most we stayed chuwi gbox pdf in some simple game cube titles. it has vents across the prime and backside to let air flow into.

the game does not have a benchmarking tool so we cannot provide accurate numbers. when you start up a video there is minor lag but once the video gets started everything runs fine. it can comprehensively decode 4k videos and play blue ray videos in hd with finest quality image. we perform speed tests of the installed storage by default, also of the ram that comes standard and check the speed and functionality of all its connection ports. 0, does not output video 2. this is powered by the latest gemini lake celeron n4100 soc, it has 4gb of ddr4 ram and 64gb of storage.

chuwi’ s own gbox is still on sale and is on paper, better than the gbox pro, for a bit higher price thanks to a faster processor, the celeron n4100. 2 or 2, 5″ sata3. the chuwi gbox pro checks many of the boxes when it comes to mini pcs but i for one would like to see an 8 gb model so that multiple chrome tabs are not an issue. 4 ghz and accompanied by 4gb. i think it’ s ok. this version is activated and everything is just ok. chuwi gbox mini pc comes with intel gemini lake n4100 4gb ddr4 + 64gb rom support win10 802.

you will need to hold back on opening multiple tabs in chrome though. 97l, 90% lighter than old pcs. system and user experience. chuwi is already working on one mini pc, it’ s called higame for a video game players. chuwi gbox mini pc with winbit) and 4gb ddr4/ 64gb rom, intel gemini lake n4100 processor( up to 2. chuwi gbox mini pc 4gb ddr4 + 64gb rom the most intelligent mini pc apart from higame, chuwi is working on another mini pc called the chuwi gbox, and will be launched through retail channels directly. today we bring you the collection of chuwi usb drivers for various models of the devices from the company. its original price is $ 232. you only get 4 gb of ram and you have the atom cpu so you should not expect too much in terms of performance here but we did run some tests and you can check out the numbers as follows: we did try out pubg lite on the pc and it ran well at 60 fps with some tweaks in the settings. the gbox pro is a small little thing and you can hide it behind a screen if you wanted to.

17 hours ago · chuwi gbox cwi560 lenovo thinkcentre m90n- 1 nano zotac zbox mi643 intel nuc10i5fnk gmk nucbox k1 chuwi larkbox 4k mini pc 187. scope wifi: at a distance of 5 meters with a wall we have a signal of 42 dbm, a very poor result. the chuwi gbox pro mini pc is a fun little thing. 0 ports and a usb type- c port. also as mobile workstation are various application possibilities, for example for presentations, office applications and multitasking.

the new chuwi gbox pro includes the intel atom x7- e3950 quad core processor, an apollo lake manufactured in 14nm with a tdp of 12w and a base frequency of 1. wifi, ethernet and bluetooth. electric consumption, temperature and noise. 5 inches compact body, only 0. chuwi laptop aerobook 13.

you have a pair of usb 3. 64gb and remote controller feature this new model which can beat most similar models of mini pcs in the market. it actually comes with a mounting solution if you are interested in doing that. we perform performance tests on the chuwi gbox mini pc mini pc in the most popular streaming services such as youtube, netflix, hbo, amazon prime video and others with their native apps or using the most compatible browser. chuwi gbox mini accessories:. use the coupon code gbchuwi to get the discount. 0 which helps to connect to your mobile devices or other bluetooth powered devices. materials: aluminum and plastic. the intel atom x5- z8350 processor is clocked at 1.

video playback test. 11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac 1000mbps extended hdd + ssd hdmi 2. the cpu is the frost x7- e3950 for embedded applications. from the chuwi website we have contact mail and forum, although there are few resources of this mini pc yet. 1 / audio jack with realtek up to stereo / no integrated microphone 2.

4ghz/ 5ghz dual wifi 1000mbps/ bt4. keep in mind that a major portion of the storage is reserved for the os and you can only use 43 gb of st. a detailed review of the chuwi gbox. in case you use chuwi devices, this guide is meant for you. testing the chuwi gbox mini pc using a yamaha rxv- 577av receiver we check that the minipc supports dd and dts 7. chuwi gt box, el mini pc con intel i3 y 8gb ram ¿ merecerá la pena. on the back, you have the dc out for power, another pair of usb 2. buy chuwi gbox pro windows 10 portable mini pc at cheap price online, with youtube reviews and faqs, we generally offer free shipping to europe, us, latin america, russia, etc. running 4k is decent.

chuwi hibox hero mini pc came with windows 10 home 64bit edition version. chuwi gbox mini pc, windows 10, intel gemini- lake n4100 lpddr4 4gb 64gb, dual wifi, 2. there is a heatsink under the hood but no fan which means that it will not make any kind of noise and the whole metallic body can be seen as a large heatsink. details: design wi. 0 up to without hdr / vga the sata 3 disk speed installed by default gives us normal performance figures within that category, if we want to improve speeds we can install an additional disk m. the footprint is rather small and it is great if you are interested in using it for content consumption or daily word processing. 2 2242 e 2280 per un ssd.

overall, the gbox pro is a nice little device with a few niggles that should be expected for this form- factor, chip setup, and general price. com: chuwi herobox windows 10 mini pc, intel gemini- lake n4100 quad- core processor, 8gb ddr4 180gb ssd, expandable 2tb 2. but on the back, there is a 2. streaming services. see full list on androidpctv. 1 inch 2- in- 1 laptop. see full list on gameshedge. chuwi intel gbox mini pc chuwi hi.

the curtain of ces has fallen a few days ago and during the show. other mobile games such as asphalt 8 run fine without any issues. chuwi sent us the sample and online chinese retailer, gearbest, sells the gbox for $ 180 at the time of writing, a price that includes an original magnetic docking keyboard. 5″ sata3 bay and hidden inside even an m. e’ alimentato dall' ultimo gemcolor lake celeron n4100 soc, ha 4 gb di ram ddr4 e 64 gb di spazio di archiviazione. the windows version is 1607 build 14393. usb ports: we have usb type- c but it is only 3. the chuwi gbox pro introduced this time clearly states the pre- installation of “ authorized windows 10” on the manufacturer’ s website.

tv 24, 016 views. all the drivers are correctly installed and untill now everything runs just great. the system moves smoothlyand we can run the basic applications without problems, it is clear that with 4gb of ram and the power of the processor is not oriented to heavy loads but to browse internet is perfect. powerful mini pc. we perform tests on the chuwi gbox pdf use of streaming using the iperfmeasurement tool to see the maximum performance of each network adapter.

other os: libreelec for pc compatible / ubuntucompatible. we recommend, as always, to update all the drivers with windows update to the latest before connecting the device to our av receiver. gemini lake celeron n4100 quad- core windows 10 mini pc. apart from utilizing it as a desktop laptop, you can too use the gbox professional as a media heart. 4 ghz, it integrates an intel hd graphics 600 gpu up to 700 mhz with 12 eu, it has a maximum consumption of 6 w tpd. you can get away with some light editing in photoshop but if you have multiple programs running or numerous layers then things will slow down a bit.

this new chuwi gbox mini pc is powered by the latest intel gemini lake nbit 4- core 4- core cpu, with turbo boost at 2. performance: this gpu has no hardware acceleration for vp9 4k codec on youtube, we ca. by default, the ram runs at 2133 mhz which is not the fastest in the world and i know that this chipset supports faster ram but there are no tweaking options in the bios so you will have to make do with the stock speeds that you get out of the box. chuwi gbox pdf 4ghz) fanless desktop computer support gigabit ethernet, linux, bt 4. you can consult our guideswhere we explain in detail all the best known streaming services, how to configure them and what requirements are necessary to see content in hd or 4k quality 1. cinebench r15 / cpu multi.

we perform our thermal and acoustic tests on the passive chuwi gbox mini pcmini pc, as we can see the dissipation system behaves quite well and we do not have high temperatures. on the front, you have the ports and the power button. out of the box, storage is minimal but it can be upgraded and you can use an sd card as well. chuwi gbox mini pc review - $ 240 fanless intel gemini lake windows pc - duration: 10: 40. a new version that gets a little worse in processor terms, the intel celeron n4100 is replaced by a less efficient intel atom x7- e3950, the rest of the specifications and external design. sul retro, c' è una slot sata3 da 2, 5 " e nascosto all' interno anche uno slot m. the chuwi gbox mini- pc is a living room computer for streaming movies/ videos, listening to music, playing small games and surfing a solid figure. chuwi used an intel atom x7- e3950 in the gbox pro. 20 documents to pdf r benchmark 2. to play video content in the chuwi gbox mini pc mini pc we have the integrated iintel hd graphics 600 that has a vpu with hardware support for the hvec codec and for vp9, in this processor we have support for 10bit color video and also hdr although we can reproduce it in basic color quality since gemini lake does not have hdrsupport. we check the consumption of the chuwi gbox mini pc model, as we can see the intel celeron n4100 processor with 6w tpdit has low figures as usual in these models and we maintain a contained level even in the maximum performance scenarios.

4gb ram + 64gb rom enables users to enjoy unhindered multi tasks easily. the mini pc chuwi gbox chuwi gbox pdf mini pc has installed a wi- fi ac dual band wireless adapter with which we connect to an asus rt- ac1200g+ router, a mid- range device. it is great for casual gaming and daily tasks such as media consumption and word processing. chuwi, which is known for its tablet and laptop business, will be launched its new mini pc called gbox. undoubtedly a differential point of this model is the inclusion of a flymose controlby default, a complement that is much appreciated as it is perfectly integrated allowing you to remotely turn on and off the mini pc, we can also control it comfortably with th. item no: chuwi gbox mini ৳ 22, 500. note that, while this.

intel 9th hd graphics comes with 12 execution units clock up to 700mhz, which can comprehensively decode 4k videos and play blue ray videos in hd with finest quality image. usually, when you connect a device to the pc, usb drivers get installed automat. 2: computers & accessories. see: 20 pro tips to make windows 10 work the way you want ( free pdf) i reached out to chuwi to see if the display upgrade was deliberate, permanent and would impact the price, but didn' t get a. it supports 4k output so you can stream netflix at 4k. it might not be as fast as an ssd but it is an easy fix to the limited storage issue. gbox features intel latest gemini lake 64bit 4cores- 4threads cpu— delivering great performance while using less energy. the dimensions are 7. the chuwi gbox mini pc mini pc integrates the intel celeron n4100 with four cores and four threads running between 1. 3 mm 558 g 179 mm 88 mm 22 mm 499 g 149.

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